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You want to start a Beauty Brand?

If your answer is YES, I would like to share some information on your journey to building your beauty/ skincare brand.

Natural Beauty or Green Beauty has been on trend for about two years now. First of all, beauty industry has been highlighted as one that does not slow down. The entrepreneurs I have known so far are in this natural beauty for the reason of HEALTH. Like most people say, food for skin. Some great resources such as Formula Botanica (offer online courses such as formulation and entrepreneurship), and Beauty Brains (a podcast hosted by two scientists/product developers in the beauty industry), can help you get some knowledge on understanding the trend and developing your product lines.

Your mission statement – To create a brand, you need to address to the audience. You will need to define: 1. Who is your target market/audience (gender, age, preference, life styles, etc…) 2. What kind of problem you are solving for them? Do you personally experience the problem and that’s the reason you can help and you want to help? 3. What you are delivering? Your solution needs to address to the target groups and the target issues. My role is to provide the resources you need to make the two questions answered. However, I cannot answer them for you! Once you set the game plan, I will help you to find or to create the products for your clients. From sourcing the ingredients, formulation, manufacturing, packaging options, to delivery at door, I love working on these.

Let’s say you want to have goat’s milk as your main selling niche, we can brainstorm all kinds of products we can formulate and present to the market. You need to understand that nothing can be accomplished in 10 days. We need to plan and to execute with a plan to succeed. The end goal has to be set first. How we are achieving it takes ideas, trials, and flexibility, and faith.

Want to hear/read more? Leave comments and I will come up with some answers!

xx Macy

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