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About Us

Passionate about Life, Travel, and Arts.

My name is Macy and I started this soapmaking journey with my partner-in-life JP in 2017. Both of us are curious and interested in crafts, though our initial domains were machining and computer science. 

The curiosity part brought me to study the chemistry and the business of soapmaking, along with aromatherapy, organic skin care.

The motive on this journey started with my struggle with my skin condition, but amplified with my mental condition. I would love to devote my life to remind everyone that we have only one life and we should be in control of it. The symptoms are the signals our bodies sent out to warn us how it is feeling. 

We are living in Montreal, Canada and we speak French! (our lovely fur baby Chako is raise in French) Other than working on this business, I also spend a lot time playing tennis and my fav player is Rafael Nadal.  

Join us for

Our Annual Fund Raising Campaign

Since 2021, we have been running our annual fund-raising for Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation.
Every year, we donate 1$ per sale we receive in the month of December to the foundation. If you would like to donate directly to the foundation, please click the link below.


Fund Raising 2023.PNG
Care for Our Community

As a visible-minority woman business owner, we love to encourage creative souls in our community. Feel free to reach out for collaboration or networking opportunities.

We are registered in Quebec province of Canada as 9421-6165 Quebec Inc.
(GST: 720215474 RT0001   ||   QST: 1227656375)

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