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‘Green’ Lipsticks? Plant-based Pigment Cosmetics, Webinar by Formula Botanica

Do you know that your lipsticks can be more ‘green’ than you think? No worries, it still gives you the red lip colour. However, with environmental and humanitarian consciousness, the innovation has proposed the pigment other than mineral and animal-base ingredients.

I attended a webinar offered by Formula Botanica, a UK-based online education institute, on their research on natural colourants for organic skincare. Here are some colours of choices that may surprise you.

Avocado and Spinach- Green, Yellow Alkanet, Pomegranate and Paprika: Purple, Red Beetroot and Hibiscus : Red, Pink Calendula and Carrot Root: Orange Chamomile and Indigo: Blue

It may sound fun to try out these plant-based ingredients but any innovation comes with some challenges, such as appearance, fragrance, variety, usage, availability.

Appearance: Plant-based lipsticks may not have the smooth and silky look the regular mineral lipsticks provide.

Fragrance: Mineral-based cosmetics generally are odourless. In contrast, plant-based ones come with some botanical sharp smell.

Variety: Plant-based lipsticks supply matte finishing vs mineral-based ones include matte, pearlescent, and shimmery finishing.

Availability: To source the materials, plant-based ingredients are emerging but the quality and consistency are not guaranteed among the suppliers.

For the innovative organic skincare or cosmetics formulators, it may take some time to develop the finishing products that are able to compete with the current in-market products for the effect and the value. If you are onto the mission, I would love to get to know you and support you!

Here to the beautiful!


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