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[Weekly Updates] MeiJi & co. (February 20 – 26, 2022)

Amazon Handmade Canada: There are two sample packs currently available on Amazon. For new customers and gifting purpose, these lip balm + soap bars are great to feel the lather of the soaps, the fragrance, and economical! My friend once told me that she had small hands and would prefer the soap bar to be able to fit into hers in a small format. If you agree with her, it is great to try these 4 or 5 different soaps with 10$ or less.

Shop Locally – We have updated our shipping rate for Montrealers and Quebecors in order to promote ‘supporting local business’. We do person delivery within H1*, H2*, H3*, and H4* (postal code) areas with 0.99$ per order. Everywhere outside the central Montreal region but within Quebec province, the shipping is 4.99$, thanks to our local courier service providers. However, the ecommerce platforms do not allow me to set up shipping template differently so you will get partial refund once the order is completed and shipped (8$ or 4$).

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