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Startup Open House: RenoRun

Upon returning from my vacations in Asia, I found a few e-mails from Montreal Startup Open House. The first week back to the city, I was looking for some events to attend so that I can transition into work mode before my holiday vendor events.

First time attending a startup open house event, I was ‘directed’ to Renorun’s office in Saint-Henri neighborhood totally randomly. I showed up alone, having no idea what to expect, but with a desire to meet new people. The end result was more than I have anticipated! The atmosphere of this startup is full of positive energy and team power and I appreciate that Eamonn and Sam held the share and Q&A session for us.

The first people I met at the door was Eamonn, wearing a blown green monster costume, surrounding by bunch of construction-worker-costumed people. I thought “Oh, My! I was not dressed for Halloween party!” I was offered beers and party food by some people I talked to, who apparently worked there. Until I finally got to talk to Beth, VP Marketing, I was introduced to Renorun, the new tech startup application to help renovation contractors’ lives easier.

In the midst of recent stories of brick-and-mortar defeated by e-commerce, I have to wonder “are physical stores really dying?” We still renovate our houses, drive cars, and take showers. The physical products are still in need. What is changing is the way how we purchase or are reached by the products. We spend less time going out of the house to buy grocery and other necessities. Instead, we shop online, and the goods are delivered to our doorstep. There is no such thing as a virtual soap to wash yourself. We need the actual soap and water to cleanse our bodies. We need materials to make our kitchen function better, and Renorun makes renovation contractors work more efficiently.

The co-founder/ CEO of Renorun Eamonn and his investor Sam delivered a summary of the journey of creating Renorun and the blueprint for the next few years. This startup, a company of 99 employees, operates in Montreal, Toronto, and Austin, Texas. I have met a few of them in Sales, Marketing, and Customer Services departments. I want to especially call out Beth, Chandal, and Katy for their kindness and support by showing me around their office and sharing with me their passion and experiences. Eamonn was asked an advice for any entrepreneur or future entrepreneur upon his journey so far. “Just F*g do it!” was his advice! It’s a great journey, along the way he has learned a lot and the results are astonishing. He has never regretted for a single second.

I caught Katy, a customer service agent who was still working one hour after I got here while everyone else was drinking and having some conversation. She shared with me how she enjoyed the environment and felt a part of the team creating the company culture.

For those who are interested in knowing more about what Renorun does, or in joining them as a client or a team member, you may learn one thing or two about them.

p.s. Startup rocks!

Love, Macy

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