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Brand Story: Sumo Soap

The Origin

The Man behind the Sumo Soap – JP. Born in a farming town and moved to the city with his best friend at 18. Love reading and all kind of handy works. The creative idea of making Sumo Soap is to have simple but genuine ingredients, making the best product for men without the pretense of luxury packaging or fancy materials.

JP’s idea of Sumo Soap Company originates from the family’s needs to have trustworthy resources for personal hygiene. He made his very own first batch of soap without any scent nor additives in 2014. He falls in love with that original smell of cocoa butter coming out of the soaps he made. Ever since, he has never looked back to the commercial soap bars. Moreover, he had this idea to provide simple, genuine and affordable soaps to people.

Sumo Soap: Humble Noble, Vanilla Bergamot

Why Sumo?

Sumo is Japan’s national sport. A typical sumo wrestler eats and weight 200 lbs. To us, the creators of Sumo Soap, sumo wrestlers signifies tradition, excellence, and care. Sumo wrestlers follow strict diet, dressing and exercising rituals, more or less just like samurais, without the weapon. However, sumo wrestlers’ bodies are their weapon on the battlefield, wrestling arena.

The concept of our sumo soap is the masculine image of a sumo wrestler with a soft touch. It states our purpose of going back to the basics. Our basic ingredients are olive oil, coconut oil, castor, oil, cocoa butter, beef tallow, and shea butter. Why animal fat? Because it is how it all started at first place thousands years ago – wood ashes, animal fat, and rain water.

It is like the protein from meat and dairy is not the same protein from plant-based food. Marketing and packing usually fool consumers into thinking of that possessing something with an impressive price tag signifies their own status. Soap is a consumption product, to be used to cleanse our body. When you purchase and use a 50$ designer soap bar, you may smell the fragrance and feel the lather with your hands and on your skin. At the end of the day, the goal is to clean yourself. You can shower like a king or just like a 39 –ear-old man with a wife and two kids. Go back to the basics, and grab a soap bar that does not have designers’ logo or their signature perfume on it. Grab a soap bar that reminds you who you are, who and where you want to be.

45$, Free shipping Canada and US. Limited Time Only.

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