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Spring Zest: Lime & Mint Essential Oil Natural Soaps

Spring Zest: Lime & Mint Essential Oil Natural Soaps

SKU: 634546260048

Welcome the vibrant hues of spring with our Spring Zest Lime & Mint Artisan Soap, a celebration of all things green and zesty.


Inspired by the lush foliage and the invigorating scent of fresh lime, each bar is a burst of botanical goodness.


Picture a canvas alive with shades of green, from the deepest emerald to the softest mint. Let the strokes be as refreshing as a cool spring breeze, capturing the essence of nature's renewal. Our soap embodies this spirit, with swirls of green reminiscent of verdant leaves and the sweet zestiness of lime dancing across the surface.


Infused with the crisp aroma of lime and the revitalizing essence of mint, this soap awakens your senses and energizes your soul. Close your eyes and imagine yourself amidst a forest of green, with sunlight filtering through the canopy and the air filled with the fragrance of citrus.


Whether you're a fan of the Little Mermaid or simply crave the freshness of spring, our Spring Zest Lime & Mint Artisan Soap invites you to embrace the greenery and indulge in the uplifting aroma of nature's bounty with every wash.


Weight: 105g

Dimension : 6.6 cm x 2.5 cm x 6 cm

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