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You Ask, We Answer!

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

I love getting messages from our readers on various platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Faire, and through emails. Here I have gathered some of the questions that we have got. Hopefully the answers help you to know us better. Please do not be shy. If you have any question that has not been addressed here, send us an email or message and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

Q: Do you charge shipping fee and where do you ship to? A: We want you to see the product price as it is without the added cost on transportation. So the shipping fee will be added to your total bill after discount(s). Anywhere in Canada the shipping is 8.99$ and to US 15.99$ CAD. However, we offer FREE shipping with your purchase of 75$ and more, Canadian address only. For the time being, we ship only to Canada and USA as some limitations and restrictions of importation-exportation of other countries may apply.

Q: How long is your product’s self life? A: We adhere the regulations of the authority such as Health Canada and FDA of the United States on labelling. It depends on the types of the products. For soaps and shampoo, as they are wash-away product (cleansing only), there is no expiration date. For other leave-on products such as lotions, cremes, and lip balms, there is a 2-year shelf life starting the manufacturing date. We identify the ‘Best Before’ date for your reference.

Q: Do you create and design the colorful soaps yourself? A: Yes, Designing and handcrafting soaps is my passion and I love the creation journey.

Q: I am allergic to fragrance, can I still use your soaps? A: Yes! We offer a wide range of products that suit all types of skin. You can choose from our unscented goat’s milk or naturally scented ones with floral water only or with essential oil(s). Our soaps are suitable for hand and body. We offer some soaps made with essential oil and fragrance, so that you may request a sample size one to test washing your hands for 2 weeks. If the skin on yours hands are not sensitive to our mildly scented soaps, you are good to go washing your body with it.

Q: Are your soaps natural and vegan-friendly? A: The definition of ‘Natural’ has not been legally defined buy the authorities yet, but the general sense of ‘Natural’ is to produce without artificial additives. Our ingredients are sourced from certified suppliers in Canada and USA, most of them are paraben-free, or lack of synthetic ingredients. In our wide range of products, we have your concern in mind and offer some unscented ones or with essential oils. For the animal-lovers, most of our products are made with plant-based ingredients such as coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, and shea butter. We also produce products containing beef tallow or bees wax in our facility.

I have my puppy Chako with me in the workshop sometimes. I love all animals, except snake, mice, rats, etc… Any question for my fur baby is welcome as well! 🙂

Q: Do you have any products for baby? A: Unfortunately, our current focus has not been on baby products. We have plans in the near future to expand our product range based on market demands.

Q: I have a bridal shower coming up. Can I order a bulk order from you and how early should I order in advance? A: Congrats! We love sharing your precious moments with your trust in our products. We offer bulk-order rate for events starting at 100$CAD. Ideally, we need at least 3 weeks to process the order and guarantee the delivery on your special day IF it’s not a customized order. For a special order with customized request, we would recommend the final agreement drafted 6 weeks before the delivery day.

Thank you for popping by. We love your questions and please keep them coming!

Macy xxx

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