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Sparking joy?

I was talking to my partner last week about our network of friends and acquaintances. I love to use the tag line from Netflix’s Tidying up with Marie Kontoif they don’t spark joy for you, you should probably let them go.

I have had some chances to communicate with my clients via message exchange. The most recent conversations have lifted my mood to the roof! The revelation is that I finally get what the marketing people are saying – treat and talk to your ideal customers as they are your best friends.

When I decided to take over the soap business onto my shoulder, on my own term, off my partner’s idealization, he could not comprehend my model. He was the one started to make our soaps and came up with the idea of natural and affordable soap business. I spent one year researching the market and working on advancing my knowledge and techniques. I was overjoyed with the possibilities of the products.

What I decided to do were 1. Beautiful soaps that catch people’s eyes; 2. The experience of using the soaps enhanced by scents and colors; 3. The benefits of self-care.

I have devoted lots of time researching, testing, and perfecting the recipient and techniques in order to create safe and quality products. A repeating customer once said to me “you deserve all the kind words” after I told her that I appreciated her support and hoped that she enjoyed the products as much as I enjoyed making them. Another recent customer wrote to me saying “I am excited to try your products!”

I feel privileged to be able to share my vision and works to anyone who is reading this. The fact that you are here is what makes me get up every day and fill my day with making schedules, measuring ingredients, and looking out for new ideas, colors, and scents.

Now I feel more confident telling the story of who I am and what I am doing. I appreciate your time coming here to get to know me. If you like, please share your story with me so I can create the products for you.

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