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Soap of the Month - (March) Tuxedo and James Bond

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

It's dress-up time! This year's award season just ended with Oscar and I have been inspired so much! A few masculine scents have been in the inventory for quite sometime. While doing my research on the next creation, as of the theme and the design, I came up with this menswear concept of black and white. Since our household have some big fans of James Bond movies, I decided to name this month's soap 'Tuxedo'.

Brad Pitt in Tuxedo
Brad Pitt on Oscar red carpet (credit: Us Weekly))

This scent has some woody peppercorn base note, along with leather, musk and patchouli, and the zesty citrus top note, giving it a clean and refreshing impression. It is definitely a crowd-pleaser. The design and technique is pretty simple, black and white as the base colors. The tie part was created with some indention across the center of the top so to keep the 'Black Tie' theme. I love very much the contrast of the black and white.

It took me more than a week to come up with this theme by looking up Hollywood's big stars on red carpet and all 007 agents portraited by different actors. In case you were born after 1990, here is a chance to catch up and learn how did this James Bond franchise has stood the time since 1962.

James Bond is a fictional character created by Ian Fleming, a British novelist. He works for the British secret service organization MI6, and supervised by the director "M". A bit like the story of Batman, he does not have any family member. However, as we know it, all spies need no attachment to distract him from the mission/assignments (just remind me of 'Mission Impossible').

This handsome, charming, smart guy knows how to fight, survive, and play around women. Don't forget the Aston Martin, the iconic British luxury sports car. The slick piece was first seen alongside of Sean Connery, who portraited the agent from 1962 to 1971. The most recognized actors are listed below.

Don't forget the 007 franchise have been nominated for various achievements in cinematic world, such as 6 Oscars (on sound effects, special visual effects, sound editing, and original songs).

Sean Connery as James Bond
1962 - 1971 Sean Connery (credit: Amazon)

Roger Moore as James Bond
1973 - 1985 Roger Moore

Pierce Brosnan portraited James Bond
1995 - 2002 Pierce Brosnan (credit:

Daniel Craig as James Bond
2006 - 2021 Daniel Craig (credit: The Movie Database)

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