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Sense of Ritual can bring your life an order

I was talking to a friend of mine a few weeks ago about life in general. She was trying to explain to her husband about ‘sense of ritual’. We are both in a mix-race relationship and sometimes things get lost in translation and the cultural difference. However, I cannot stress enough the importance of this way of living.

The best known people of following rituals to our adminration is Japanese. From the Sushi master Jiro to the tea ceremony, this group of people has impressed us with their dedication and achievements. The successful people on TV or on the over of magazines have one thing in common. They do not arrive at the top or where they are today, without a clear image on their lives.

Rafael Nadal is the tennis play who has won the most grand salm trophies, 21, at Australia Open in 2022.

Photo Credit: @rafaelnadal instagram

My favorite tennis player is Rafael Nadal. His routines on court, including the way the water bottles are placed and the lengthy gesture before serving the game (which my buddhist mom can recognise as making a prayer with a cross), are often mentioned by the commentators as ‘extreme’. However, the determination those rituals has brought him so much success that he has made history as the only tennis player to win 21 grand slam trophies, including the 13-time French Open crowns which makes him ‘King of Clay’.

We are ordinary people living in our ordinary world but we all have our challenges and joy in life. The motivational speeh by US SEAL Admiral McRaven reminds me that when you do the very first thing of your day right, the rest of the day is going to be smooth for you. Even your day does not go as planned, when you finish hte day and go to the bedroom seeing the well-made bed should remind you the one thing done right and how everything will be better tomorrow.

SEAl Admiral McRaven

Photo Credit:

The professor of Harvard Business School Michael Norton conducted an experimental research and published “Rituals Alleviate Grieving for Loved Ones, Lovers, and Lotteries”. Thye found out that rituals provide us a sense of control, especially for people experience losses or traumas in life. Nevertheless, we need that belief to guide our life. The sense of direction and stability provides us the confidence to explore the world and conquer our fears.

For me, I water my indoor plants every Wednesday and Sunday and expect the sprout and energy they bring to my house. On the other hand, once in a while I forget the day and have to catch up two days later. Then I have to adjust the amont of water I am pouring that day and to alter the next day to care for them. It is essential to have a sense of ritual to keep us on a rhythm but being flexible on changes coming our way can prepare us for more resistance. Don’t you agree?

Love sharing with you, Macy

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