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Royal Blue Signifies Sophistication, Is Inspired by Bleu de Chanel Perfume.

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

One of our Signature soaps that gets a lot of attention this summer when we presented them at in-person markets, is Royal Blue. This creation was conceptualized with the summer wedding theme in mind. The targeted audience is gender-neutral as the scent is particularly inspired by Chanel’s Bleu fragrance for men.

Artisan Soaps - Royal Blue by MeiJi & co. (inspired by Bleu de Chanel)

First, I wish you have a chance to actually smell Bleu and then you may find the similarity between our Royal Blue and Bleu de Chanel. A customer coming to me table actually had Bleu in his closet and was pretty impressed with our version. The scent is a complex one but pleasant, beginning with lavender, lemon, pineapple, then peppermint, cedarwood and sandalwood. As the combination suggests, there is some zesty, floral, sweetness, and woody all together.

Secondly, the design. I started to fall in love with gradient design since 2022. The layer of gradient colors showcases the complexity of the color scheme and the magic happens on the top! Just like most people commenting, all my soaps look delicious. To be honest, I have been watching a lot of cake decorating videos on Instagram and they do not disappoint! Of course, I cannot forget to mention the special edition Royal Blue Donuts! These one-of-a-kind donuts are made in a few steps and the whole process takes a lot of planning and some meticulous execution. I am 90% perfectionist type but I enjoyed some much my babies!

Coming back to my admiration toward Bleu de Chanel. Bleu de Chanel perfume is a popular fragrance that has garnered widespread acclaim since its release. It is known for its elegant and sophisticated composition, appealing to both men and women. The fragrance opens with a burst of citrus notes, including grapefruit and lemon, which provide a refreshing and invigorating start. As it settles, the scent develops a blend of aromatic and spicy notes, such as ginger, mint, and pink pepper, which add complexity and depth to the composition. The heart of the fragrance features a combination of rich and woody elements, including cedar and sandalwood, creating a warm and masculine base. The overall result is a refined and versatile scent suitable for various occasions, whether it be a formal event or everyday wear.

I once gifted a bottle of the perfume to my father-in-law and it has been everyone’s all-time favorite ever since. The elegance and sophistication it transmits to both men and women. The image of the ambassador has gone through some changes for the past few years. The original spokesperson was French actor Gaspard Ulliel since 2014, then replaced by America actor Timothée Chalamet (father is French). His most recent blockbuster work is <Dune>, directed by Canadian director Denis Villeneuve, alongside Zendaya. Later this year, his next film <Wonka> will come out as he portrays the infamous chocolatier Willy Wonka, displaying his singing and dancing expertise.

I cannot say enough how much I appreciate your time and patience to read through this article! This is a creative work, both the article (not Chat GPT-generated) and the soap design (and the scent). We hope you will come back to see more of our works!

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