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Rose Gold Soaps are now available/ New Bog Posts and News [Bi-Weekly Updates] @MeiJi & co.

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Rose Gold Geranium Soap, MeiJi & co.

Rose Gold Geranium Handmade Soap, made with distilled rose water and geranium essential oil and gold mica is our newest updated version of Rose Geranium soap with mango butter. No artificial fragrance, just floral water and essential.

Jade Light Handmade Soap

On Just 1st, 2022, our Jade Light Handmade Soap, scented with lime, lemongrass and honey & milk, will be available for purchase on our web sit, Faire, and Etsy. Grab yours quickly before they are out again!

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Cafe Moka Chantilly Handamde Soaps

Cafe Moka Chantilly Soaps

Royal Blue Handmade Soaps

Royal Blue Soap (Watch out for our Summer 2022 Release on June 21, 2022)

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Instagram – MeiJi & co.

Look delicious, isn't it? It's coffee and chocolate soap!

Look delicious, isn’t it? It’s coffee and chocolate soap!

Some Craft Idea - I made a desk lamp with stuff I found at a local dollar store.

Some Craft Idea – I made a desk lamp with stuff I found at a local dollar store.

facebook - MeiJi & co.

facebook – MeiJi & co.

CoCo Chanel Quotes,

In the blog post, I share the legendary French designer’s powerful quotes. Credit:

I love seeing the colors in the park.

[Aromatherapy Certification Learning Journey]

These two weeks, my journey came to the last module of the human body – the Genito and Urinary systems, our reproductive and excretory systems. The essential oil that are good for uterus, ovaries, and testes are rose, geranium, and jasmine. For urethra and ureter, citrus family is the focus, such as lime, lemon, and bergamot. The course continues with the production of essential oils. First, the extraction methods include CO2 extraction (non-commercialized anymore), Fractional Distillation, Expression, Solvent Extraction, Enfleurage, and Maceration(infusion). The very basics on perfumery is the combination of the base notes, the middle notes, and the top notes. The base notes are usually musky, have long-lasting or slow-to evaporate. The top notes are refresh and have more pleasant smell such as the citrus ones. All other scents between the top and the base tones are the middle ones, for example, bay, rosewood, chamomile, and clary sage.

If you are interested in learning the material, please visit: Aromatherapy Diploma offered by Centre of Excellence

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