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Is Goat’s Milk Good For The Skin?

It is a common knowledge that puting some fat to our skin barrier can help relieving the irritation by keeping moisture in the skin layer. During the winter days, the indoor heating system makes our skin dehydrated. With the consistant hand washing to keep virus and gems away, we all feel the pain of rough and scrappy skin. It has been a widespread insight from the dermatalogists that Goat’s milk is a great ingredient to soothe the pain. Though there have not had enough scentific research done to prove that goat’s milk produces miracle, the food science community has worked on analyzing the magic it can bring to us human.

Let’s start with decomposing the goat’s milk so that we may better understand why it is good for us. According to the article in The Journal of Food Science, Goat’s milk contains higher amout of protein, calcium, and fatty acids, comparing to cow’s and human’s milk. Dermatolgist Journal has apraised the nutrients within goat’s milk and its effectness on anti-aging and other skin conditions – “Goat’s milk also contains over 50 nutrients, including the vital vitamins of A, C and B-complex, minerals and other elements that nourish and rejuvenate dehydrated skin.”

Of course, goat’s milk often was compared to cow’s milk. If you are those with servere allergic reaction to cow’s milk, goat’s milk is not necessarily the answer. Some doctors recommend goat’s milk as an alternative while new moms cannot provide breast milk. As we know it, consuming in its original form is the best option, such as drinking or bathing in goat’s milk. With the restraints of sourcing and budget, not everyone has the privilege to have real goat’s milk available.

Well-known brands like Caprina has solid and liquid forms of goat’s milk soaps sold in major groceries and drug stores. For us, we use real goat’s milk for our soap bars and goat’s milk powder in our bath bombs. Our traditional soap bars are made with sodium hydroxide and frozen goat’s milk, and various butter and oils to produce the creamy bubbles that do not dry the skin. We intergrate 10% of the ingrdients in our bath bombs with goat’s milk powder so the bath water can provide some inflammatory effect for people with skin irritation.

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