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Hydrotherapy, Aromatherapy, Out-Of-Stock Alerts [Weekly Updates]

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Hydrotherapy, It is also called Water Therapy. It is generally referred by a naturopathic or physical therapy professionals, as a complimentary or alternative treatment for pain management. Continue Reading…

[In the Workshop This Week]

As we packed the second wholesale order, we are getting ready for re-stock. Ordering Chocolate, Tahitian Vanilla, Coffee Cake fragrance and Geranium essential oils from New Directions Aromatics.

[Aromatherapy Certification Learning Journey]

This week, the module is the muscular system. For a massage therapist, it is necessary to understand the muscle system, not only the names of the muscles but also how muscle, bones, tendons interact with each other. The most important part is how the brain and the muscle communicate with each other. The muscle on the face is attached to the bone of the neck. They are full of flexibility and mobility.  If you are interested in learning the material, please visit: Aromatherapy Diploma offered by Centre of Excellence

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Through FAIRE’s Direct Link, we provide additional 10% off on your first order!

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