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Happy Mother’s Day and New Bog Posts [Bi-Weekly Updates] @MeiJi & co.

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing women in the world! Here to the wonderful mom, my doppelganger. ❤

[New Blog Post]

Essential Oil Cedarwood Spring

Goats Milk Blog Post

[In the Workshop This Week]

Shampoo Bar with Coffe Extract

We worked on the new Coffee Shampoo bar. We opted for the fragrance and colorant free version. The scent is very neutral and I cannot wait to test it out on my hair!

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Instagram – MeiJi & co.

Spring Mom's Mini Jade Light + Lotus Pink + Bath Bomb Set.

We presented our Mother’s Day Gift Sets.

facebook - MeiJi & co.

facebook – MeiJi & co.

April 22, 2022 was Earth Day. Have you shown your appreciation on the planet and implemented measures to reduce your footprint? Think for the future generation and do our parts today.

Cederwood Essnetial Oil and Earth Day

[Aromatherapy Certification Learning Journey]

In the past two weeks, I went through the modules of The Endocrine System (the hormone), the Digestive System, and the Respiratory System. Here are the takeaways: Myrrh and Black Spruce essential oils are beneficial to our metabolism; Fennel, Juniper, Grapefruit, and Cypress may assist the production of anti-bodies. For heartburn, spearmint can help to release some discomfort. For congestion on the respiratory system, Eucalyptusm Camphor, Myrrh, Laurel Leaf, and Frankincense cae ease the symptons. As for hay fever and colds, ginger and lemon balm are great remedies.

If you are interested in learning the material, please visit: Aromatherapy Diploma offered by Centre of Excellence

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