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Fitness App: NTC Nike Training

 Best Mobile Fitness App Ever (Free)

Ever since I moved to our new place about 3 years, I have been working out without going to a gym. Then, thanks to the modern technology, unlimited Wi-Fi access gave me a great gift – fitness app! I have been fortunately to have a spare room to stack some equipment and my yoga mat so that I can work out at home regardless of rain or snow.

What qualify a great mobile app? We all know how annoying it is to have the program run and crush or ask you to purchase their plan after the trial period or the basic try-out workout. So, my first applause to NTC Nike Training Club is “It’s Free”. Totally, I have been using it for more than 3 years and banked 2500 minutes of workout. And it still does not take a cent from my pocket. (There is a reason not to set up Apple Pay on my iPhone)

Second, it needs to have a variety of workout. I get bored easily and I dislike repetitions. Therefore, I would recall that the workout I have done before and I would lose interest quickly if I don’t find something new to try.  NTC has 3 categories of workout, Strength, Endurance, and Mobility. Strength provides more weights-related workout to get your muscle up while Endurance focuses on toning. Mobility is translated from yoga.

The next good thing they provide is periodical updates. If you are using the app every day and going through every workout they provide, the chance is by the end of 3 months you will be bored already like I did. I only do once a week, or sometimes 2 times, and I am happy to see that they would group some workout together to give you a better plan of how to achieve your goal (if you ever have one). They sometimes have celebrity athlete workouts to bring up your enthusiasm toward exercising. I remember seeing some feature a soccer player, NBA player, even a tennis player.

Enough said, I am proud to present NTC Nike Training app to you because I have tried a lot of fitness app that you may name (unpaid versions, of course). Here are some that I feel okay with: Runtastic, Stryve, Six Pack. They are fine but it’s either the configuration does not feel right or it did not live up to my expectation. Of course, there are some other great apps out there I have not tried yet. I would love to here what app you have tried and would recommend!

The other two I like a lot are:

  1. SWEAT (BBG by Kayla Itsines) – BBG program works because it pushes your limits and the 12-week program really works your ass off. If you are committed and have some money to spend, it is worthy

  2. Runkeeper – I love it, as a runner. It uses GPS to track your distance, with voice coach guiding you every kilometer along the way (you can set up the voice coach as you prefer such as time, or distance). Like most of the apps do, it links Apple Music to make you run with your favorite music.



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