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Coping with Eczema, webinar

March 1 to 3, 2022, the Society of Eczema Canada offered a few free webinars to the general public. I attended one that was led by a Psychologist based in Edmonton, Dr. Shawn Reynolds.

My personal experience with Eczema, or Atopic Dermatitis (AD), was a result of the combination of some crazy working hours and the holiday stress. The winter in Canada has never been easy to anyone. I had to adapt the climate with nasal spray, humidifier, and a lot of lotion and hand cream. What I have learned over the process is to LIVE with the conditions.

Coping with Eczema, the Society of Eczema Canada

March 1, 2022 Webinar offered by the Society of Eczema Canada

This has been highlighted in the webinar I attended. Dr. Reynolds focused on taking control of how we feel, under any circumstances, even with COVID. Eczema patients voice out how stressful, defeating, and unpredictable to deal with eczema. The conditions affect not just our physical state, but also our mental health, our sleep, our social relationships, and our abilities to concentrate on coping with daily lives.

I was reminded that we can control how we feel, not what happen to us. Imagine every task or challenge comes our way that push us to stand up and find a way to recover from the difficult times. We need to confide in ourselves that we are dealing with the discomfort, itchiness, and even frustration with resilience.

Dr. Reynolds address the importance of self-care, because if you are not well, none will be taken good care of by you. It sound just like to instructions on boarding an airplane how to put on an oxygen mask and lifejackets. You need to be alive/well in order to take care of others. First thing on self-care is to pay attention to one’s own wellbeing and happiness. Be aware of one’s own physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual needs. Them we do things to meet our needs and fell fulfilled. When we are at ease by taking care of ourselves, people around will be affected by the energy you radiate.

Eczema is a chronicle disease, a bit like diabetic that we have to manage the conditions. It could be a lot of things, like nutrition, good habits and practices, and a support system.

hope you are well, every moment and every day!

xx Macy

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