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Barbie and the Geek: Real Scientists answer your beauty questions

Beauty Brains Podcast

Podcast: Beauty Brains, hosted by Perry Romanowski and Valerie George

Perry is one of the co-founders of Beauty Brains podcast. Perry and Valerie have training and experience working in cosmetic chemistry industry related fields such as research and development, education, and invention. In every episode, they discuss trends, myths, products, tests, and provide their advice and answers to listeners’ questions.

Personally, I am not school-trained chemist or formulator. I read books and am nourished by these experts’ knowledge. Beauty industry is a huge business and savvy marketers always create trends to promote new products. Even though governments all over the world try to regulate the wording of advertising campaigns, a lot of slogans are sometimes just over-promising. Here I share this podcast/ blog with you because it is a good idea to listen to what the scientists find on beauty products and trends.

In the most recent episode, Perry and Valerie share their opinions on

Fancy face cream for your body. Should we buy it?

Hair products with vitamins really work?

The host shared definitions of regular soap, lye soap, castile soap, glycerin soap, and synthetic detergent bars. Keep in mind that everyone may react to different products differently depending their skin condition and the water they are using with the soap.

If you are really interested in finding out what to buy and not to, they have a section called ‘What really walks’.

If you are a podcast listener, why not subscribe to this one or just try a few episodes? I would love to hear what you think. Share you comments below!

Macy xxx

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