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Artist Profile – Picasso

Pablo Ruiz Picasso (1881 – 1973) was born in Magala, Spain. His father was an art teacher at Escuela de Bellas Artes (School of Fine Arts), in A Coruna and Barcelona, Spain. Pablo Picasso started his drawing lessons with his father at age of 7 and was admitted into the academy at age of 13.

As one of the most famous arts of the 20-th century, his long life made him the artist of modern history with the most artworks sold. Picasso moved to France in 1900 and started meeting up with poets and artists. He befriended with poet Max Jacob and artist Henri Matisse. In his long years in the French art circle, his artworks included paintings, scriptures, ceramics, poems, and theatre plays. He is best known to be the pioneer of Cubism, neo-classical styles and neo-expressionism movement.

Picasso’s personal life was as interesting as his artworks. He had always interested in young and beautiful women and we can see his muses in a lot of his paintings. He had been through both World War I and II and was not shy to express his enthusiasm towards communism. His most famous war-inspired painting Guernica, portray the German bombing during Spanish Civil War.

If you are interesting biography/documentary about Picasso, here are some to watch.

Movie: Surviving Picasso (portrayed by Anthony Hopkins), 1996 Documentary: The Mystery of Picasso (French: Le mystère Picasso), 1956 Visit to Picasso (“Bezoek aan Picasso”), Belgium, 1949 TV series: Genius Season Two (Portrayed by Antonio Banderas), National Geographic

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