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2021 Holiday Gift Guides – Part 1

For the DIYers – As we all heard it, the pandemic put us at home. Make your own pizza kit became popular as pizzarias were closed. The renovation around the house are suddenly getting done but the supply of the materials is not keeping the pace. In this part one of our Holiday Gift Guides – Handmade, I am going to share some gift ideas that may make you proud of yourself, as the maker or the gift giver.

Lee Valley, a Canadian company found in 1978, started the journey with woodcarving tools, and now sells great range of tools for creative souls, such as hardware, gardening tools, and other related products.

Beeswax Wrap DIY Kit from Lee Valley

Beeswax Wrap DIY Kit from Lee Valley

Beeswax Wrap Kit – Beeswax wrap showed up as a environmental-friendly product to replace plastic wrap. By using clean tissue/fabric coated with beeswax, food preservation does not produce unwanted plastic waste. If your family member are into zero-waste, this may be a great gift idea.

Gardening – For beginner “How Not to Kill Your Houseplant”. The title is pretty precise on the purpose of the content. If you ever wonder why your house plants do not survive each year, like I do, as I water too much or just simply forget for the entire week. Indoor houseplant-keeping takes some learning and I am pretty sure we as beginners (or frequent murderers) should benefit a lot from this book. As for the seasoned gardeners (definitely not those professional gardeners who do this as a living), “A Gardener’s Journal” let you write down notes so that you can review your progress along the way. Know anyone who loves to improve their gardening skills? This may be a good gift.

Book 'How Not to Kill Your Houseplant' from Lee Valley

Book ‘How Not to Kill Your Houseplant’ from Lee Valley

Book 'A Gardener's Journal' from Lee Valley

Book ‘A Gardener’s Journal’ from Lee Valley

Cord Braiding Kit and Automatic Needle Threader – For those braiding, sewing, knitting hands, Lee Valley have tools to make your creation process easier. For me, the needle threader would probably save me some poking time when I don’t have enough lighting or my glasses. I am not a braiding person but I find the way to organize the cords is brilliant. As a knitter/crocheter, sometimes I wish I have a good tool to put all the yarn in place instead of rolling and unrolling the balls.

Pottery Kit from Club terracotta

Make Your Pottery

Do you remember the movie ‘Ghost’ and the most romantic segment where the theme was playing and they were making the pottery together? I found this Club Terracotta on Esty, where they are selling pottery kits, which includes clay, tools, brushes, paint, and sealing liquid.


This is brand new to me. First, I heard about felted soaps, thinking it integrates wool into the soap. Then I found these pretty felted Christmas ornament at Felted Sky and was so impressed. OnEtsy, you can kind Makeafriend from New York, selling all kinds of cute felted friends. There are sushis, dessert, pandas, and even little succulents.

Still building your Christmas wish list? Let’s take a look at those DIY kits, for you, and someone you know that will love to open the box to see the creations they can make.

This is part one of our Handmade Gift Guides of 2021. Stay tune for the next blog post.

Xxx Macy

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