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Champagne Rosé and Rose Gold Geranium Soaps

Credit: Unsplash

Rose Geranium Soaps have been one of our bestseller for years. Integrating mango butter and pink kaolin clay makes the soaps extra special with long-lasting scent and the property to keep the water within the skin barrier. In this edition, distilled rose water is providing that natural fragrant scent as usual. Here is the story of the inspiration on the new design with gold shimmer.

Rose gold, initially was invented by the jewellery community, as the soft pure gold mixed with copper makes the jewellery pieces harder. The colour is a darker gold, with a slight bronze shimmering.

My inspiration comes form the champagne rosé. Brad Pitt owns a winery in France where they produce Fleur de Miraval Champagne Rosé. I am not an expert in wine but Chardonnay and Pinot Noir have been in our house for a while that we occassionally presented on the dinner table. The more prominent brand in champagne rosé may be Moët & Chandon’s Rose Impérial.

For this soap, I preserve the natural aspect of the soap by using geranium essential oil, which boosts our skin’s health and that natural glow. In order to bring the fragrant scent, I opted for the distilled rose water, instead of regular distilled water. The small bottles of distilled rose water are sold in some specialty grocery store for the people who make dessert with it. The natural light pink colour was produced with kaolin pink clay which give the cleansing routine that extra gentle touch. It also helps with acne by cleaning the pores from excessive oils.

By adding the shimmering gold mica, I want to present the luxury felling you deserve. With so much skin-pampering ingredients and the lovely scent, I hope you enjoy using it as much as my making it. Cheers to you and the weekend!


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